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HopRocket is the newest online travel booking engine. But unlike Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, and all the rest it offers member-only discounts and wholesale pricing on travel related products and retail products worldwide.

HopRocket members have access to steeply discounted hotels, cruises, condos, vacation packages and local products and services. You can even earn points that can then be used as payment for condo/timeshares, cruises, and tour packages.

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Luxury Cruises at Unbelievable Rates!

$99 Caribbean Sunset Cruise

$99 Caribbean Cruise

Get away in style, but at the price you deserve. Treat yourself today!

South Pacific for $500+ Off!

South Pacific for $500+ Off!

Get lost in the islands and find yourself. Jaw dropping low rates!

Croatia Cruise Close Out!

Croatia Cruise Close Out!

Paradise via Dubrovnik for a week long relaxing trip of your dreams!

40% Off Bavaria River Cruise

40% Off Bavaria Cruise

Experience Passau, City of Three Rivers. Tour Germany in style!

Half Off Family Packages!

Half Off Family Packages!

Pack up the kids and take the family on the trip of a lifetime!

Norwegian Fjords Discount!

Norwegian Fjords Value!

Experience Scandinavia like a Viking king, for a peasant's price!

Why Cruise with HopRocket?

HopRocket offers you the same fantastic cruises for all the same cruise lines as the other big travel sites... with one big difference. You pay wholesale not retail! So you tell us... paying less for the exact same thing? It's the ultimate no-brainer!

HopRocket has done for travel what big wholesale clubs like Costco or Sam's Club have done for retail. Pay a small membership fee to access travel at wholesale rates! You'll wonder why you ever paid retail in the first place!

Plus for Elite members, every dollar you spend on member fees is credited back to you in HopPoints which can then be used dollar for dollar towards specially packaged HopTrips all over the world. So it's literally like getting your membership for free!

Membership Options

Client 1

$120 $99!
Special Promotion!

Full ongoing access to the booking engine and wholesale Member rates for an entire year. No monthly fee - you'll never pay retail for travel ever again!

Client 1

$299 enrollment

Access to the lowest rock-bottom wholesale rates (twice that of Members!) Earn HopPoints and apply them towards custom packaged HopTrip tours!

Client 1

Save $200 per year

A one time enrollment fee to access the deepest wholesale rates. Plus, you are credited 1000 HopPoints to apply on a variety of specially packaged HopTrips.